Pier Lights
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Pier Lights
Pier Lights
Pier Lights
Pier Lights
Pier Lights
Plugs into 120VAC but the LED driver converts the voltage to a water safe 36VDC.
DockPro 6200 LED Dock Light
Pier Lights
Pier Lights
Notice: This light uses high intensity LEDs and Must Be Submerged In Water during use.
Pier Lights
The DockPro 6200 is a high intensity light that will illuminate
a 12 ft to 30 ft radius of water.  The actual spread of light
will be determined by water depth and water clarity
Pier Lights
GE Digital Timer
"With built in Photo Cell"
Price $22.00
Photocell Timer
Great for Docks - Slips - Piers
DockPro 6200 Underwater Dock Light
Double Lens
Dock Light Lens
High Power LEDs
Sit it on the Bottom
Hang it from the Side
Price $3.00
Lens Cover
"Replacement Top Lens"
(36) High Power
Under Water Light
Double Lens for easy
replacement if the top
lens is damaged.
Pier Lights
•   Aluminum Construction
•   Elevated Tripod Design
 (36) High Power 3-Watt Green LEDs
•   Replaceable LED Driver
Driver Input - 120VAC
•   Driver Output: 36VDC
65W, 1.8 amps
•   6200 Lumens of light
Safe Low Voltage Operation
•   Replaceable Lens Cover
 50' Heavy-Duty power-cord
•   Freshwater or Saltwater use
•  Underwater Use Only
Best results achieved in water 12 ft deep or less
Underwater lights are not recommended for area's that have high barnacle populations
Dock and Pier Lights
Dock Lights - Fishing Lights
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AlumiGlo - DockPro 6200 Dock Light
DockPro 6200
Underwater Pier Lights
Courtesy of Charlie Saliba
Pier Lights
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Pier Lights
Price $32.00
65W Driver
"Replacement Driver"
SAVE $50
Patent  D763,498 S
Patent  D763,498 S
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Sit It or Hang it
Legs allow the light to sit on the bottom and shine
upward.  Or you can remove the legs and hang the light
over the side of your dock, pier or walkway.
Hanging the Light Off of a Dock or Pier with the Light Facing Upward.

1.  Remove the top lens cover by removing the 3 plastic screws that secure it.

2.  Run a 4mm nylon Cord through the center hole in the lens.

3.  Tie a knot on the end of the cord so the cord can not pull back through the hole.

4.  Reattach the lens using the 3 plastic screws.

CAUTION:  The light MUST be submerged in water at ALL times.  Please make sure
the light is low enough in the water to allow for tide changes.
DockPro 6200
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