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We get a lot of calls from people asking us what kind of lights work best for Bowfishing.  Our answer has always been "It Depends".  The type of lights you use
depends entirely on the type of fish you are shooting, the depth and clarity of water you will be shooting in, and what the area is like where you will be shooting.

In our opinion, the ideal bowfishing setup is to use a combination of both Above Water and Below Water lights.

Above water lights only do a good job of light up the surface water down to about 2 ft deep depending on how clear the water is, but the glare of the lights
shining on top of the water prevent the lights from penetrating more than a foot or two deep.   Underwater lights illuminate all of the water beneath the surface
and counteract the surface glare caused by the above water lights.  So, a combination of both lights makes the ideal bowfishing setup.

FlounderPro 5000 is a great light that can be used either Underwater or Above water.  It puts out 4750 lumens and comes with a PVC mount for mounting
the light under water as well as an above water mount.  The light is a little more expensive because it is rated for underwater use, so I would use it for
underwater use.

GTX-3800 is a great Above Water light and much less expensive then the FlounderPro 5000.  It puts out 3800 lumens and works great at lighting up the
surface water around your boat.

Our new
COB LED light heads have become very popular because you can easily make a super bright underwater rig that to fit your own boat.

Obviously, the more water you can light up the more fish you will be able to see.  It really boils down to how much money you want to spend on your light setup.  
Ideally, if you had (3) Underwater Lights and (3) Above water lights (one of each on the front and one of each on each side) you would be completely covered
depending on how many people are fishing from your boat.
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